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You’re Worth It!

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By Author Pat Rinker

Scripture Devotions for Teenagers – Just for YOU!

This wonderful Youth Devotions for Teens will help YOU to love God with your whole heart, mind, soul and strength, and your neighbor as yourself.

In many devotionals for youth, the scriptures are confusing, ancient, or just plain don’t relate to problems such as divorce, rejection from friends, sexual temptations, or lack of self-identity. Though you may believe in God and enjoy some positive experiences of church, your personal prayer life needs to grow along with your personal relationship with God. Reading the Bible can be more “a task” than a pleasure and you may need help in applying the scripture to what happens in everyday life.

Teen Devotional Lessons

You’re Worth It! seeks to help you find in scripture the guidance you need to build a strong relationship with God, to strengthen your self-worth, to help you deal with inter-relational problems in your home and out, and give you a sense of awareness of what your call to follow Christ is today. I believe daily prayer and scripture is vital to your personal development. My hope is that You’re Worth It! will help you discover the wealth of a strong relationship with God and His presence within you. ~Pat Rinker.

Daily Devotionals For Teens

From the author who’s inspired thousands of young people in their faith journey for nearly four decades, comes the Scripture Devotional for Youth, You’re Worth It! – a compelling daily blueprint for teens and young adults, providing inspiration and guidance for building the most important relationship one can have…a deep and personal relationship with God!

“All that life is, is a series of relationships, in which we learn to love God and others. Everything else either contributes to that or distracts us from it.” Rinker’s philosophy of Youth Devotions ministry follows that all ministry is relational. “Whether or not we have effective ministry depends on the quality of our relationships.”

Youth Devotionals & Bible Study

In Rinker’s first Scripture Devotional for teens and young adults, Pat leads you step-by-step, day-by-day to a growing awareness of God’s presence, as you build a deep and personal relationship with Him. Presented in Pat’s compassionate and approachable style, this Youth Devotional is the first of its kind to directly confront the true challenges facing Christian teens in this second decade of the 21st century.

Love in Jesus,

Pat Rinker

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